Friday, October 12, 2007

Want Rakeback? - Get Rakeback

Get Rakeback

You have probably figured out by now that all of the poker rooms you see on the net are not just here for the fun of it. Most are making a lot of money out of players like you.

Why not get some back?

At Rakeback30 we have negotiated with our partner rooms for you to receive a 30% rakeback deal. In effect you are getting paid to play!

We are confident you will find our rakeback deal one of the best on the web. In addition to the great rakeback percentage we offer:

* An advanced RAKEBACK CALCULATOR to find out how much you are likely to get every month!
* Rakeback based on your gross monthly rake
* Join bonuses in addition to your rakeback
* Rakeback on tournament play
* No minimum play required
* Carefully selected poker rooms for your security

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There are a number of unscrupulous rakeback operators who will make an amazing offer to get you playing, then disappear after a couple of months without ever paying you a penny.

Rakeback30 is different.

We have designed our deals to be the most comprehensive and safest you'll find on the web, and we pride ourselves on our close working relationship with all the rooms we offer.

Rakeback30 is committed to providing the very best information and offers for Poker Rakeback. The rooms we feature adhere to our stringent standards and all comply with the following criteria. Before you choose a rakeback partner, ask them the following questions:
Is the percentage you are offering of my whole monthly gross rake (MGR)?

With rakeback30 it definately is. Other sites may only be paying you your percentage of their net rake. Typically a poker rooms net rake is around 30% lower than their gross rake. So an offer of 30% of net is actually the same as 21% of MGR.

Don’t be caught out by this easy cheat.
Will my join bonus be deducted from my rakeback?

With rakeback30 you will earn your join bonus IN ADDITION to your rakeback, With most other rakeback sites this is not the case.
How do I know you will pay me my money every month?

We won't! Don't be alarmed, your poker room will. With all of the rooms we work with, we insist that your rakeback is credited to your account at the beginning of every month.

With some operators, you have to receive your payment from the rakeback company. This gives you no protection whatsoever if that company didn't (or couldn't) pay you.

Insist that your money is credited direct and not thru a 3rd party.
Will I earn rakeback on my tournament play?

With rakeback30 you will. However a lot of rakeback sites exclude the money you spend on tournaments from your overall rakeback. With rakeback30 the house fee in a Mtt or Stt is the figure you will rake, so in a $30+$3 game, you will rake $3.
Is there a minimum amount of play required?

We offer all rakeback30 players the best deal, regardless of whether you play once a month of for 10 hours every day. Every player at rakeback30 gets 30% rakeback. There are no minimum requirements.
I've seen another offer that looks to good to be true...

It probably is. There are a number of unscrupulous rakeback operators who will make an amazing offer to get you playing, then disappear after a couple of months without ever paying you a penny. Also be aware that most poker rooms have a maximum allowable rakeback offer. If this is exceeded and the company is discovered, they will have their account with the poker room blocked and you will never receive a penny.

All of our offers are guaranteed to be the best you can find.

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